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7 reviews | 48 orders

We love them!! They are fast, friendly and the food is always hot when it arrives. They are now our one and only pizza choice in Columbus! One quick note - we had a case of the roommate derps tonight and a mix up happened when answering the door. We marked cash tip because we had a cash tip to give him, but the roommate hanging onto the cash went to the bathroom and the roommate that had no clue about the cash tip opened the door and got the pizza. End result - our awesome delivery man didn't get his tip. We feel horrible about it and promise to make it up to him the next time he delivers for us! We are so sorry!!


1 reviews | 90 orders

the food was great and it was delivered in reasonable time


1 reviews | 32 orders

Food is good, delivery man is very polite and pleasant.

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2768 E 5th Ave
Columbus OH, 43219
(614) 253-0500